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Introducing the Co-Founder of a Clothing Line Named Paul Marciano

Paul Marciano is an American fashion designer, businessman, investor and philanthropist, who was born in Debdou Morocco in 1952. He has won many Clio awards for his black and white advertisements, where he is the co-founder of the outfit company that uses being used in these advertisements. All of the four Marciano brothers named Paul, Armand, Maurice and Georges initially run their clothing company, and now, this same company and its extension lines are managed by Paul and Maurice.

There is a larger Sephardic synagogues in Los Angeles where Paul Marciano is a large benefactor. Although he was born in Morocco, he was raised in Marseilles, France to a Jewish family together with his four siblings. His elders were rabbis, from great-grandfather to grandfather and his father. From age 8-15, together with his four brothers, they lived in an apartment in a complex of synagogue and he was a member of the Eclaireurs Israelites de France, a version of Jewish boy scout group which was also in the same area. He was involved in a motorcycle accident with a friend where they collided with an oncoming car. As a result of the incident, Paul spent seven months in a wheelchair and was told he would never walk again. Because of his prolonged absence which was a year and a half, Paul was not re-accepted into school even if eventually was able to regain full use of his limbs. Since he cannot finish his education, he traveled to live in an kibbutz in Israel.

The family of Paul Marciano had a clothing company where he worked, and they had shops in the French Riviera. During an extended leave in 1977, the four Marciano brothers Paul, Georges, Armand and Maurice, visited Southern California, and there they developed a liking of the place. When the political situation in France changed in 1981, the Marcianos closed their clothing firm and transferred to the United States. They started to run a clothing company in Little Santa Monica in Beverly Hills in the early 1980’s, and later started the a clothing line which became famous all over the globe.

The world famous jeans brand was founded by the Marciano brothers in 1981, and later sold 50% of the stake to the Nakash brothers. Unfortunately the joint venture turned sour, where the California court found that the Marcianos were fraudulently lured into transaction.

Paul Marciano stepped down in August 2015 as the CEO of the famous clothing brand and company, but remained as the chief creative officer and executive chairman. However, in June 2018, Paul Marciano resigned as executive chairman because of sexual harassment.

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